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Pink Sugar

My Patreon has been launched!

For those of you who have asked for it, I'm now on Patreon! You'll find brand new content available regularly. My newest novel about a rocky romance between a med school dropout and an airline pilot is being posted there. For more information, click the button below!

Patrick Garcia has known his best friend, Asher Kline, since the first day of preschool. Thick as thieves, and twice as wicked, the two boys developed their own secret language of hope, joy, and love. A sprawling childhood under the golden Southern Californian sun, a friendship that could be tested and tried and true, and a horrible, thoughtless act that would change everything forever. Based loosely on Homer's poem, The Iliad, this gay romance novella is one that could very well tear your heart out. Reader, you have been warned.


Now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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