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A drug drop gone horribly wrong. A fake marriage with a terrifying hitman to make it right. And a sprawling adventure that can only end in heartbreak.

Ellie is a drug smuggler, the best of her class. Orphaned and determined to make her way in the world, she makes sacrifice after sacrifice to provide for her younger siblings. When a misunderstanding threatens to ruin everything, Ellie is given one last job to make everything right with the kingpin that owns her. The adventure that follows sprawls across three continents, six countries, and exposes her to new cultures, foods, and surroundings. Her companion? A hitman with eyes of steel and a quiet intensity that can jeopardize everything she's been working for. But in all their travels, drug, sex, and romance can't be avoided. Problem is, Ellie doesn't own herself—so how can she be allowed to fall in love?


Note: This product is a digital epub file, not a physical copy.

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