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In Our Bones

In Our Bones


Juno Garner is nobody’s first choice.


Second to her perfect sister, second to the boy with the honeyed eyes that most certainly has cooties, and second to her beautiful best friend, Kansas. Bonded over having weird names, the two quickly became fast friends in kindergarten. From there started a friendship that would last a lifetime, only tested by the one thing that always manages to get between girls: a cute boy.


Caspian, named after the Caspian Sea, goes only by his last name, Booker. He's quiet and brooding, dark-haired with soulful golden eyes. Kansas has always been in love with him, and for most of her youth, Juno just sees him as a friend. The three are as thick as thieves, best friends from elementary school, and for a while, everything seems fine.


When Kansas and Booker start dating, Juno tries to pretend that she’s happy for them. As the years speed by, her best friends even get married. It seemed like the natural course of things, so it’s a good thing, right?


Except Booker is in love with Juno. Booker has always been in love with Juno.


For the first time in her life, someone wants to put her first. Can Juno let the man she loves come between her and the most important friendship she’s ever had?


In Our Bones is a romantic drama that explores the anguish caused by deceit and lies, the power of choosing oneself’s own happiness, and the enormous cost of love.


Note: This product is a digital epub file, not a physical copy.

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