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The Void Bunny - Signed Paperback Edition

The Void Bunny - Signed Paperback Edition


The Void Bunny faces her most important fight yet... but this time, it’s in real life.


A restaurant hostess by day and an online gamer known as The Void Bunny by night, Kindra Fallon dreams of the day she’ll make it as a video game streamer and escape her sleazy boss. When a new game called Moondusk Hollow is released, Kindra is one of the lucky streamers to get a considerable donation for her help in promoting it.


And that turns out to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Ben, a young solo game developer, launches Moondusk Hollow by making donations to streamers when he meets The Void Bunny. Over the course of one short conversation, Ben quickly bonds with the pretty streamer in the tiny chemise and black lace bunny ears. Just like himself, she dreams big, and has many obstacles to overcome if she wants to make it.


But when they finally meet in real life, can their friendship develop into something more? Or will the ghost from Kindra’s past and Ben’s responsibilities stand between them forever?


Limited stock available. Book ships within 3-5 days of placing order.

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