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Afterglow - Signed Paperback

Afterglow - Signed Paperback


A drug drop gone horribly wrong. A fake marriage with a terrifying hitman to make it right. And a sprawling adventure that can only end in heartbreak.


The Drug Mule

Ever since my older brother was killed, the cartel has owned me.

I was the perfect drug mule. No one suspects the pretty blonde girl who looks like she’s jet-setting on Daddy’s dime to be smuggling in high-quality drugs from Thailand and Pakistan. Just like no one suspects that very same girl to be the sole provider for her three younger siblings, forced into a life of crime that she doesn’t know how to escape.


Until a drop goes horribly wrong. Now the kingpin that controls me has given me one last job to make it right. Just one more job, and I’d be free.


The Hitman

I’ve always been a dog. Plucked from the dusty streets of Lahore as a young boy, my future father-in-law sponsored me and gave me purpose, training me to one day zealously guard the family and its organization. I was obedient, but I wasn’t good.


I was as bad as they came.


My newest objective was only to protect her, the pretty young drug mule from America. To enter into a fake marriage to get her across the Turkish border. To accompany her through Iran, Afghanistan, and into Pakistan. To help her complete one last job, and then she’d be free.


My objective had never been to fall in love with her.


Because it was only supposed to be a job… Wasn’t it?


This is a signed paperback. Only one copy available. Book ships within 3-5 days of order being placed. 

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