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Sunflowers In Bloom

Sunflowers In Bloom


What do you do when you’re young, fairly smart, and have a great job in the city? If you’re Nathan Alaric Chapman, you quit your job to move into an old, rundown cottage in the British countryside to write a fantasy novel. The pipes are rusted and the walls are peeling, but anything to follow your dreams, right?


Except now your friends are in the city—and you’re here. Alone. 


Thankfully, Lizzie’s here, too. 


Lizzie, the pretty, young woman who’s been hiding in your attic the entire time you and your best mates had been moving your things into the cottage. Lizzie, who becomes the peculiar houseguest that never leaves. Lizzie, who defies everything from physics to you—if you’re Nate, that is. Lizzie, who has a secret—one Nate and his friends swear to protect. 

When faced with the hurdles of life, will Nate’s love for Lizzie be enough to overcome it? A sweet, short, and charming romance, Sunflowers in Bloom explores what it means to truly be alive.


Note: This product is a digital epub file, not a physical copy.

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