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Want to Help a Charity with One Click?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020 is hosting the "Love The One(s) You're With: tales of lust and caution from a world under quarantine" contest. Winner of the contest gets to choose a charity of their choice to receive $500.

My two close friends Cheryl Terra (MsCherylTerra) and Jason Caldwell (Bebop3) got together and wrote one kick-ass story! They have chosen the charity to donate the $500 to, should they win. Please help them and this charity by going and voting for the following story:

"Unseen Love" by MsCherylTerra and Bebop3

Click the cover to go to the story! If that doesn't work, go to the link below:


Nora Fares

Cheryl and Jason have since won 2nd place! Congratulations!

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