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Update: Head Above Water

First, enjoy this illustration of Celine! Took me about 45 minutes, not my best work, but isn't she pretty for a Dragon Lady? This is how I imagine her at work, hair up, fierce eyes, smirk.

Head Above Water, Pt. 04 is happening! It's being written now, finally, since I have the time. I stopped taking jobs to be able to finish this story, as I totally get that it's long overdue. If you want to support me in some way, please consider making a pledge on my Patreon.

Tons of bonus content, including an illustration of Wes and Celine TOGETHER. On Monday, I'm releasing Pt. 04's starting deleted scenes. This is how I planned to start the part, but ending up changing my mind so I axed it. For the sake of quality, I'm known to put entire chapters on the chopping block from time to time. This means that there's often a lot of deleted scenes, all of which will be uploaded to my Patreon. First set coming out Monday, and even though deleted scenes are for tiers Spice and up, I'll be making it available to Cream and Sugar for a limited time. Make sure to be there Monday to download it before it's gone! The tiers are Sugar, Cream, Spice and Bean for $3, $5, $7 and $10. On MONDAY ONLY, you'll get access to the deleted scenes even at the two lower tiers!

If you're looking for more updates in real-time, meet me on twitter! I post artwork from time to time, quotes from my writing, and is one of the best places to reach me for a fast response. I'm always happy to chat and answer questions.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July and one hell of a weekend!



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