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The Brilliance at the End

In a world ravaged by war, famine, and death, a lone orphan struggles to survive in the ruins of civilization. Sana, now twenty-seven, carries a secret that scares her; a secret that she would sooner wish to forget.

Logan has picked his place in the Huckleberry Mountains, a sixty acre parcel that was never meant to be open to outsiders. For many years, he’s kept a dark secret to himself, but when a hungry, desperate woman breaks into his property, he finds that she quickly breaks through all of his defenses—even the one that surrounds his heart.

The Brilliance at the End is a short story that explores the meaning of companionship, hope, and love.

Pre-order sale is live! Get this short story for 99 cents from now through March 26, 2023! Click the Available on Amazon button below to be taken to the book's Amazon page!

The link can also be reached by clicking here.

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