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November 2020 Patreon News!

Hello friends and Faries,

I've got a few announcements today, so I thought I'd put them all together!

First off, In Our Bones, the Loving Wives story, is completed and on my Patreon! It will go live to the public in December 2020.

Second, Spark, the Christmas story about one of Santa's little elves falling for the next Santa in training is currently being written, with a teaser already up on Patreon. It will also go public in December 2020, but will be available to Patrons in November.

Third, a new teaser of part 5 of Head Above Water is now on my Patreon.

And lastly, THERE IS NOW MERCH!! After 3 months at a $10 or $15 tier, you will automatically get this awesome sticker in the mail:

At the $20 tier, after three months, you earn a Spark themed Yule University mug!

You do not have to purchase this merch separately. It will automatically be sent to you after your 3 months of pledges on Patreon!

If you are not on my Patreon or are a lower tier and would still like to purchase these items, they are on my shop here:

Best wishes,


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