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Cyberpunk - My Debut Novel

Hello friends,

I'm here to announce today that I am working on my debut novel into the traditionally published world! It's exciting for me, as I've been searching, for the last 15 or so years, for the *right* plot to be my magnum opus. After years, I am here, and it's a cyberpunk story!

It'll be a world of grimy, neon light-drenched cities with androids, cyborgs, and even augmented clones. The story follows a young girl, the daughter of the former leader of the city and the founder of the Rebellion against something known only as the Creed, who are a mysterious enemy with very little knowledge known about them. As the girl, Iara (that's an i not an L), uncovers her past, she learns that saving the world—no, saving all of the cosmos—is her destiny. The story has action, romance, adventure, and lessons that will last you a lifetime.

The first two installments of the prologue are available early access on my Patreon, if you are interested in supporting me and getting to read everything as it's being written. The lowest tier is only $3/month, which is kind of like buying me a cup of coffee!

To make a pledge, simply go to:

If you're not a subscription kind of guy, gal, or non-binary pal, then just know that in a few years, 1-3, the book will be available for purchase, hopefully, mainstream.

Exceprt from Prologue


As electro-bass beats surged through the night, neon lights illuminated the filthy streets of Division 9, revealing the faces of its inhabitants in harsh, vibrant colors. The wind rippled my cloak as I stalked through the streets, passing vendors who quickly turned their backs on me, avoiding meeting my eyes. A hood hid most of my face, and thus, my anger, blooming hot on my expression, was contained in the darkness. The carbon steel double scabbard hid the blades of my plasma-bladed katanas. Purest graphene-coated carbon is the only way to contain plasma blades. The fourth state of matter, iridescent energy constrained in the shape of blades. Taken from the pre-dawn tech of balled lightning, they were an off-shoot of the same science that gave us heloreactors; fusion that whilst not cold, was at least in the attainable temperature range. Beautiful 'blades' offering ugly death, all from our constant search for cheap power.

I liked them.

Even hidden in the scabbard, everyone knew what they were, and they seemed to be acutely aware that I would not hesitate to use them.

Good. They knew me well.

Spices, tobacco smoke, and the white fog from the vents filled my nostrils. I took in a deep breath, walking in a straight line, taking the fastest route: through the crowd of people. They parted like the Red Sea for me, yelping, screaming, and scrambling away from me. If I weren’t so angry, I would have laughed; I did not like to get my hands dirty, but the rumors of my wrath were whispered all the same. People and androids alike believed just about anything these days.

Aeros hovered a couple hundred feet above the ground, their engines thrumming as they zipped through the air, fast and unstoppable by any mortal force. With the invention of aeromobiles and speedercycles, people often asked me why I took to the streets when taking care of business—it’s dangerous, after all—and my answer was always the same.

“This is my city. If I don’t walk it, I will lose it.”

I usually had sixteen hired guns on this street alone; tonight I’d tripled their numbers. They blended into the cityscape, smoking cigarettes, standing by speedercycles, boots crunching along the dirty streets. They patrolled my city, eyes sharp even as they pretended that they’d never seen me before. I relied on these guns to protect my city, both from rival groups searching for power and from the backward fucking administration that only ran the city on paper. My gang had gunned down entire police stations in the past to protect the people of this city. No police brutality here.

Tonight, I was headed to the police station in the darkest corner of the city. A young, new police chief had been making waves, starting out as they all do: crusading, just, fair, and good. I’d been dabbling in politics and local warfare long enough to understand how soon that bubble could pop. After I received news that he’d started putting my enforcers behind bars, I decided it was finally time to pay him a visit.

As I approached the steps of the station, the security cameras and their machine guns were taken out from a rooftop somewhere nearby. Androids guarded the entrance. They had their eyes trained on me as I climbed the steps, their guns pointed at me. I raised my hand and snapped my fingers, and before the androids could even begin to compute what that might mean, they were lying destroyed on the floor.


Thanks for sticking around until the end. You are the absolute best!

Much love,

Nora :)

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