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What do a former beauty queen/med school dropout and a hot airline pilot have in common?

Absolutely nothing. Absolutely everything.

As a twenty-four-year-old med school dropout, Lex Desai wants nothing but to live a completely different life; one that’s carefree; one that's wild. Taking on the job of property manager for her late grandfather’s waterfront cabin on beautiful, stunning Puget Sound, Lex learns that everything she’s ever wanted is right there. The cabin is turned into a rental property, and Lex is consumed with the laborious but rewarding work out there in the wilderness she loves so much. She’s happy, she’s comfortable, and she’s hopelessly single.

Located just over an hour’s drive north of Lex’s cabin in a luxury high-rise apartment in the heart of Seattle is Ezra Fisk, a twenty-seven-year-old airline pilot who fucking loves his job. For a decade, he’s been throwing himself into his work to escape his past, and it’s working—until he meets Lex. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and the exact strain of wild that is everything he could ever want.

Except he doesn’t want her—at least, not the way she wants him to. Ezra doesn’t do relationships, and Lex doesn’t do meaningless sex. They want each other, but they don’t want the same things. The worst part is that they can’t escape each other. Their two best friends are dating, and they want to do things together. Over and over, Lex and Ezra are thrown into heated, angsty situations that almost get out of hand, but not quite.

Like all love stories, there is a tipping point. Eventually, someone will make a move, and eventually, someone else will reciprocate. Unfortunately, in this eventuality, Ezra must confront his growing feelings for Lex. By the simple act of feeling for her, he is in danger of releasing all the darkness from his past. Is Lex worth confronting all that pain?

Sometimes, the greatest test in life is finding out if love is enough.

Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not.

Come find out.

First 4 chapters are available early access on my Patreon with 4 more releasing this weekend! Click the link below to explore my page to see if it's something you'd like to support.

Pledges start at $3/month for early access and bonus content!

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