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A fan of Loving Wives stories?

Releasing to the public in December of 2020, In Our Bones is about two people who have always had unfinished business.


Juneau (Juno) has always come in second; second to her perfect sister, and second to her beautiful best friend, Kansas. Bonded over having weird names, the two quickly became fast friends in kindergarten. From there started a friendship that would last a lifetime, only tested by the one thing that always manages to get between girls: a boy.

Caspian, named after the Caspian Sea, goes only by his last name, Booker. He's quiet and brooding, dark-haired with honeyed golden eyes, like a tiger stalking in the night. Kansas has always been in love with him, and for most of her youth, Juno just thought he had cooties. The three are thick as thieves, best friends from elementary school, and for a while, everything seems fine.

Until Kansas and Booker start dating in high school, which, in the natural course of things, doesn't seem too bad, does it? Except Booker is in love with Juno. Booker has always been in love with Juno.

So why does he marry Kansas? And why does it take Juno until then to realize she's in love with him too?


Follow the drama, the chaos, and the tears this December.

For early access to the story, please consider pledging on my Patreon! Part 1 of the story is already out on

With love,



Here is a VERY short excerpt of part 1:


I am not the heroine of this story.

I’m a suffering of cells, made up of bloodshot monkey-brown eyes, a tangled mess of dark hair, and skin like melted horchata with all the spice of cinnamon and the paleness of fresh rice. I’m slender butterfly limbs, soft curves and long sad lashes, little hands and littler mouth, all small and pouty, just like my momma’s. I’m sadness rolled up into a human cigarette—something you want to light up and breathe and then throw to the ground to put out its fire. You’ll want to take me in, and then when I get too close, when I burn you, you’ll want to drown me, drown this growing wildfire.

I will hurt you, just like I hurt them.

Because I’m not a heroine.

I’m a fucking disaster.

Special thanks to Cheryl Terra and Jason Caldwell in their help with this story. You are my true treasures. 

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